There seems to be a fundamental misconception of why people are enjoying Quibi’s demise. Startup vets seem to believe it’s making fun of people who took a big swing and failed.

But it’s far from that. It’s not just that Quibi was a terrible idea, a lot of products begin as terrible sounding ideas and then take off. There were a ton of jokes about Snapchat’s disappearing messages when it first launched.

The joy of Quibi’s demise has more to do with seeing numerous bad decisions have an unsurprisingly poor outcome.


Consumers want authenticity. Not just from art but…

I spent some time today looking into how much artists get paid per stream and it really surprised me just how little it is. I’ve been listening to a new album from an independent artist a lot since it came out. 250 listens based on my tracking. And that works out to a whopping $1.69…wtf…

The streaming model is technically a more fair model for artists. They get paid based on how much their songs are listened to so they can get paid from the same songs for life as long as people keep listening to it. If they have…

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Online directories are a great way to make a particular type of content more discoverable or target a very specific niche. Search engines are great but their generalisation makes them difficult to use as tools when you’re looking for a specific type of content. It leaves room for many online directories that are laser focused. Product Hunt is a directory of products, PodBean is a directory of podcasts, and there are directories for marketing tools, code libraries, and more.

Since they naturally align with the functionality of search engines, search can also be a major driver of traffic to these…

My journey this year has been to find my niche, the intersection of my interests, skills, and goals. I believe everyone has a niche and finding it allows you to create your best work. I haven’t found mine just yet but I think I’ve gotten closer.

The most impactful activity for me this year has been writing (almost) daily and sharing it publicly. I signed up for in December and I’m proud that a year later I’m still writing there. Overall I’ve written 296 posts, 80977 words, and that doesn’t include writing done elsewhere!

Writing daily has removed the…

There’s been a lot of discussion about the potential split between Disney and Sony over Spider-Man. Sony owns the film rights to Spider-Man and struck a deal with Disney a few years back that would allow Spider-Man to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel would help make each Spider-Man movie. It’s been a successful deal so far for both parties but now negotiations have fallen apart.

The story seems very calculated though. Marvel has the trust of the general public and the way the story has been reported it paints Disney as the good guy just trying to get…

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Automattic recently announced they’d be buying Tumblr from Verizon. It seems like a natural fit but the most surprising detail was the price. Reportedly, they’ve paid only $3 million for Tumblr. Yep, $3 million. For a company that Yahoo bought for over a billion not that long ago.

I’m curious whether this represents a huge decline in Tumblr’s userbase at that time. Or a huge decline in the perception of Tumblr’s business and it’s prospects. Like many buzz-worthy tech companies Tumblr is not profitable. It focused on growth above all else and became one of the biggest online social platforms…

I was watching some of Microsoft’s BUILD conference today and I was amazed at the successful re-branding they’ve pulled off in just a few years. For a long time, Microsoft had a negative image in the eyes of most. And they certainly earned that image.

In some ways, the goodwill Microsoft has now is beginning to resemble what Google had a decade ago. I think that has been the result of a few key strategies.

Accepting Losses

In the past, Microsoft persisted stubbornly in areas they were clearly losing or had already lost. In mobile, web browsers, and developer tools the battle…

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I haven’t written in 10 days now. It’s my longest no-writing streak since I started 200 words a day. But now it’s time to get started again.

The past 10 days have been hectic. The past month really. But every day, usually 20 minutes before midnight I’d force myself to my laptop and type some 200 words out. It felt like the quality of my writing declined but at least I was getting the job done. But then I got to a point where I just needed a break.

I missed one deadline accidentally and thought I’d continue the next…

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In the past few months, I’ve been working at taking more risks especially when it comes to my work. I like to think I’m a risk taker but I can also be hesitant and get stuck worrying about the potential to be embarrassed. I’ve made some progress now but there’s still a long way to go.

For me, this includes simple things like writing publicly, tweeting more, and sharing my work. It comes naturally to many but it never has to me. …

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I launched InboxReads back in September of 2017 with the intention that’d it be a long process to grow the site to a point where it could possibly make some money. In most of the time since I focused on just that. I tried new tactics to grow traffic, I invested a lot of time and money to keep the site up and get it bigger. One day it’d be worthy of receiving some money.

In January, after reading a lot of content that suggested I was wrong, I said fuck it let me put up an advertising page. I’ll…

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